How to Play the DTC Society Game

  1. CHECK YOUR TEXTS: Each week you’ll receive a new, planned-for-you date night in LA (via text)
  2. DATE & TAG ON SOCIALS: When you go on these date nights (or a date night from our date database) EARN POINTS TO WIN by
    1. Post to your stories or wall (Instagram/Facebook)
    2. Tag the location you’re at +
  3. MONTHLY SCORE: Each story or wall post adds points to your final score. At the end of the month the DTCer with the highest score wins a FREE dinner for two on us!
    2 points for tagging + your date location from this month’s texted dates.
    1 point for tagging + your date location from a prior month’s texted dates.
  4. YEARLY SCORE: When you rack up the most points out of anyone by the end of the year, you win the “Dater of the Year” Award and receive a FREE weekend getaway for two!