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There’s that perfect moment as the sun is setting where the entire city seems to take a pause and reflect on their days madness. A beautfiul moment we are involved in every day but can take on a whole new meaning when your thousands of feet above that madness. This dates designed to get you dialed before you make your way above it all to soak in the city’s sunset from a whole new angle.

So grab your sunset love and take a hike to the heli pad for wine, pasta, and a billion dollar view.

St0p #1: 2.5 hrs to sunset

Picnic Pick Up

at a classic Italian joint

What to Know

Pre-Plan: You’ll be heading on a picnic but picking up food here so bring a blanket, wine opener, glasses for said wine, and a flashlight (for post-sunset walk).

We all love a neighborhood Italian joint. Today you’re going to order takeout from the counter service on the north side of the restaurant. If you’re stressed on-time order head: Here is the menu

The food is solid Italian with your usual suspects winning the prize: pizza and pasta. Be cognizant that you’ll be having a picnic so “difficult to picnic foods” may be a poor choice, i.e. the market fish.

The deli counter sells bottles of wine. No stress on going anywhere before. They range in the $20-40 range. 

St0p #2: 1.5 hrs to sunset

Hike Up Griffith

for that sunset view


What to Know

Pre-Plan: 1) Dress Appropriately. This is an actual hike with the first bit that can be strenuous for some. Wear athletic shoes and flexible clothing. 2) In a backpack bring a blanket, plastic wine glasses, a bottle opener, a bottle of water, bug spray, and a flashlight.

You’ll park along the street before the trailhead at 2650 N. Commonwealth Ave. Turn immediately right when the wood fence starts, you’ll see the path up the hill.

The hike should last about 45 minutes taking you through the NorCal-esque Cedar Grove. We were running late and hustled in about 25 minutes but giving yourself time to soak it in is highly suggested.

Think about getting yourself a Magic Hour/Golden Hour App. Arriving right before this hits is when you’ll be primed for that perfect sun.

St0p #3: 45 min to sunset

Sunset Picnic

post incredible hike

What to Know

Expectation setting: The Heli-Pad is a big concrete slab on top of the mountain. Grab a spot on the edge and throw a blanket. *remember that commitments to having fun are better than having any expectations.

If it gets dark as you’re walking down you can follow the road all the way to the bottom. Will be safer than heading down the steep dirt trail through the Cedar Grove.