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Pairing wine with a piece of steak or fish is a pastime most of us have lamented over in our local grocer’s alcohol section time and time again. Is it a cabernet with a T-bone? Do we really have to do white with salmon? Is this rose to light to eat with our chicken parmesan? Whatever your situation if you put a local wine enthusiast at your hip to do the pondering the pairing becomes an adventure. Now the challenge is if they’re able to pair one of the best cheeseburgers in the city to that perfect vintage.

So pair up yourself with your favorite meat eater and head out to have a wine-infused picnic for the ages.

Pre Plan: Make sure to bring picnic worthy wine glasses, a blanket, and a hard surface, like a cutting board (optional)

St0p #1: 1.5 hrs to sunset

Curated Wine

to go from local somms

What to Know

This local wine shop has been around since 2006. They love their natural wines and are extremely knowledgable on the subject. You’ll be pairing with cheeseburgers, ask them what to pair it with.

A few of these prior oenophiles spent their days after-work drinking rose in the Silverlake Meadow dreaming of their own winery. Now they own Angeleno Wine Co. (DTC #77).

The current Covid configuration is a walk-up window to buy wine on the spot or pick up online orders. Expect a wait Thur & Fri from 5-7 pm.

It used to be a VHS rental store. The current bathrooms are where the “adult” section used to be, a spot where the owners almost housed the more expensive wines.

St0p #2: 1.25 hours to sunset

Burgers to Go

from a legendery joint

What to Know

Originally this stand was a pop up at creator/chef Shawn Nee’s house in East Hollywood. Without any chef experience, it blossomed into a full-fledged Insta famed restaurant in 2 years.

Ordering here can be a process but in the end makes a lot of sense. You must call in to reserve your order to pick up. If you plan to do a lunchtime hang start calling at 12pm. If you plan to do a sunset picnic start calling around 3 pm. If they don’t answer, call again. Someone will eventually pick up. YOU CAN NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT ORDERING FIRST. Numbers: 323-922-6161 or 323-922-6162.

Written on the walls inside is “Always Order Two”, you may be disappointed if you don’t.

What to order: 2 regular cheeseburgers and an order of fries.

Curious about the name? From a 2018 LA Times article: “‘I was watching ‘Lord of the Rings’ and I thought wouldn’t it be so cool to do a T-shirt with a wizard and this beam coming out of it and under it says ‘Wizards never say die?’ ” says Nee. “I thought I’m just going to call it Burgers Never Say Die. Many people were, like, you can’t do that.'”

St0p #3: 45 mins to sunset

Picnic with a Sunset

on a relaxing lawn

What to Know

With burgers and wine in tow make sure you walk on the Northside of Silverlake Blvd. around the curve. This will ensure you don’t have a sketchy run across the street to the meadow.

During pre-sunset, the sun shouldn’t be that big of an issue. However, the prime time locations are in the middle under the shade of the two small trees. If you’re concerned, lay a blanket before heading to stop #1.

After a 60 year hiatus, the meadow re-opened in its current form in 2011. Turns out there was a controversy between the city and local residents who were concerned it would turn into a sports venue and destroy local nature. Looks like a win-win as they got wine sunset hangouts vs. intermural kickball.

Bonus: Want to keep the party going? Head back towards the beginning for a gluhwein on the back patio of The Red Lion.