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Before the Date…

When you were a child the thought of becoming a pilot surely had to pop into your head once or twice as the wonder of flight most certainly blew your mind. Like Peter Pan we’ve all forgotten “how to fly” but this date will take you back to that kid wanting to shoot for the stars.

So grab your high flying friends and head on down to the tiniest airport with the biggest history in town. It’s time to fly!

St0p #1: 4 pm

Take Off

with some local Aerospace history

What to Know

The massive plane outside the museum is a Douglas DC-3. During WWII 30,000 of these were sent to fight and were eventually credited as one of the four things that won the war

Admission to the museum is $10, it’s well worth it but absolutely look for John, the museum’s curator. He will dig into the stories of Douglas Airplanes, WW-II and all the secret stuff that happened throughout history there.

Looking for the best photo ops? There’s three cockpits to sit in, the FedEx plane on the second floor, the kids “trick” plane underneath it and hidden under the stairs is an actual fighter jet flight simulator from the 60’s

If those words “flight simulator” gets you excited ask at the front for a ride. It’s $8 for two people. You have a choice of flying or rollercoaster. With rollercoaster you dont get to steer, just sayin’.

St0p #2: Pre Sunset

In Flight Entertainment 

of actual planes taking off and landing

What to Know

This is a little tricky to find. There is a tiny sign on a wall telling you where to go but there are three staircases, they will all lead you to the observation deck. Focus on the staircase on the far right of the building, thats the easiest.

You’ll hear the loud speaker with some chatter on it…this is the actual live conversation from the air traffic controller.

Look across the runway. To the left is a grouping of palm trees, that is where the Douglas factory was producing thousands airplanes beginning in 1933.

St0p #3: Post Airplane Action

Come In For A Landing

at a local pilots hangout

What to Know

The original runway was actually where the street is now. But the bar never moved. Just imagine a DC-3 landing while you were drinking a beer.

Opened in 1954 by a US Air Force Leuitenant the original name was the Lindaire Coffee Shop which mainly served Douglas Aircraft staff and veteran pilots. It was next called the Kitty Hawk before its latest incarnation

What to order: Burgers, Fish n’ Chips, or The Glider Sandwich

If the owner is in ask him for some stories from back in the day. Apparently the planes used to park where the soccer field is turning this joint into a stopping off point for pilots heading from SoCal to the Bay.