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Before the Date…

When the time comes for something romantic and muy authentico this corner of Venice screams your name. It’s a night involving hand made tortillas made with love by sweet old ladies around open fire grills, a gesture to lock in your bountiful love with your partner forever, and fresh lime juice margaritas in massive goblets that go down far too easy

So text your sweetheart cause this is your night to tango con la llave.

St0p #1: 6pm

Loosen Up

with a local margarita meetup

What to Know

Parking can be a little tough in the area. However, there are always spots in the Whole Foods lot across the street. Haven’t had problems before but there’s always a small risk of a tow.

This restaurant opened way back in 1963 by Ensanda, Mexico native Carlos Haro, Sr.. Turns out for a short period of time he was the same owner as Casablanca on the corner (stop 3). 

There are two Happy Hours here: Monday – Friday 3 pm to 7 pm with $6 margaritas, $6 Patron shots, $5 beers, and $3.50 tacos. Also, 10 pm to 3 am “Late Night Special” menu with the kitchen open til 3 am…if you’d like to make this date later.

St0p #2: 7pm

Locket Down

at the local discount shop

What to Know

The 99 cent store is in the far left corner of the mall across the street from La Cabaña. Please be careful crossing the street.

If you are going on a primetime night (Friday/Saturday) a good idea is to duck into Casablanca (stop 3) on your way to the 99 cent store in order to put your name in. There can be a long wait as they do not take reservations.

The locks are in the middle of aisle 2 on the left-hand side. They are 99 cents each 😉

After acquiring your lock head across the street (again be very careful) to the left side of Casablanca. There you’ll see the large love locket wall to lock yours up. Take a picture to remember where yours is at when you return years down the road.

St0p #3: 7:15pm

Lock Up Your Love

at a wall dedicated to parisian love

What to Know

This restaurant does not take reservations. On prime time nights it can get very busy, please be ready to have an hour wait. Good news, if it’s busy you can put your name in before heading to the 99 Cent Store to complete the lock stop. 

If there is a long wait, no worries. Head to the bar for a margarita or a few beers.

It is possible to acquire a lock from the restaurant after you eat. You can ask your server but it must be a “special occasion”. However, locking it before sets the mood.

The dishes here are large and it’s highly suggested to share a dish and an app. Regardless the tortillas are so damn addictive that you’ll fill up on those no problem.

There is a tip jar for the incredible tortilla maker and guitar player. Just sayin’.

If you have no idea what Casablanca is, first, shame on you. Second, it’s a 1942 love story set in the Moroccan city of Casablanca during WWII. Humphrey Bogart runs a nightclub and bumps into his old love, Ingrid Bergman, who is with her husband. There’s Nazi’s, there’s excitement, there’s the famous line “Here’s lookin at you kid.”