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Reminders of LA’s rocking history are scattered throughout the city with relics easily passed on your morning commute. Corners where songs were written and bars that housed the greats before they were great are just a few of those mysterious spots. Not so hidden in plain sight are the tombs of some of those greats. An erie yet uplifting reminder of how things used to really rock. A pilgrimage to one of these miniature memorials uplifts your soul while bringing you back to the first time you “heard that song.”

So gather your rocking friends for a night to rock with the dead before rocking yourself to death.

St0p #1: 4:45pm


a cemetery full of rock icons

What to Know

Wrought with scandal since day one the cemetery opened in 1899. Throughout the years it was run by convicted felons, gangsters and ponzi scheme failures. It’s a miracle it’s here today.

This legendary cemetery houses icons of the golden age of cinema and music. However, one of the more interesting story lines has to do with the corrupt owners throughout the years.

The rock icons of the cemetery are mainly living in the Garden of Legends. It’s in the far East corner of the cemetery. You can’t miss Johnny Ramone. Lesser visited Dee Dee Ramone is on the opposite side of the lake. Don’t miss out on visiting Mama Irene and Bianca Halstead as well.

The cemetery closes its gates at 5pm. You must be inside the gates before this. Staying after 5pm is allowed as guards will let you out. If you can leave out the southeast gate if you are walking to Stop #2.

St0p #2: post cemetery


at a neighborhood favorite

What to Know

This classic Italian tavern is lead by core values as everything you touch is made with thoughtfulness. All the produce is grown from their own farm, the pasta is all handmade, even the soap in the bathroom is sustainable.

If you want the romantic vibe definitely request to sit upstairs near the fireplace. If not suggest the bar of mirrored “cubbies” to the left of the front door. 

Reservations are highly suggested especially on prime time nights.

What to order: Cacio e Pepe, Rigatoni Bolognese, Chicken Parmesan, and House Made Ricotta (to start)

St0p #3: after dinner


in a new rock palace

What to Know

If these walls could talk: This was an old bikini bar until it was revitalized into the new haven for musicians and fans. All done by the co-owner of bars Short Stop and La Cita.

Legend has it Guns n’ Roses had a practice room here during their project Hollywood Rose in Ed Wood’s original production studio which was in the back. It’s now been revitilized into a state of the art recording studio and hotel.

Most nights live shows from local and not so local bands play on the corner stage. Check their schedule ahead of time to ge the vibe of the band you could be seeing.

They’ve got a great cocktail menu, try the Duke of Earl. For future reference happy hour its Mon. – Fri., 5-8pm with $3 PBR cans, $5 well cocktails/bloodys.