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The industrial landscape east of Los Angeles houses unimaginable businesses concocting and creating our daily goods. Amid the madness on a sideroad in Irwindale is a plant that pumps out a spice sauce we all know and love, sriracha. Once a year Huy Fong’s open their doors during the pepper grinding season to show you some spicey hospitality.

So gather your crew and pack your car for a day adventuring through the SGV. 

St0p #1: start @ 11am


at a local institution

What to Know

This dim sum institution can have lines during weekend brunch hours. The only way to secure a reservation is to have 8+ people. If not you’re waiting for at least an hour.

Make sure you set the reservation at the correct Lunasia. There is one in Pasadena and people make the mistake of calling and reserving the wrong location.

What to order: everything! But honestly things move fast so read the menu outside and be prepared.

If you’re a football fan you wont miss the games they will have them on the TVs. 

St0p #2: start @ 1pm (make a reservation)



What to Know

Pre Plan For Weekends: This date usually takes place between September 27th and October 15th during Huy Fong’s Chili Grinding Season. Which is more of a spectacle than the rest of the year. Tickets are free but will 100% sell out. Reserve on the 1pm slot on their website.

Pre Plan For Weekdays: All year round you can tour this facility (and do this date) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

The creator of Sriracha, David Tran, began making his spicey creation in 1975 in Vietnam. Four years later he boarded a Taiwanese ship that flew a Panamanian flag to escape Communist rule. The name of the ship: Huey Fong.

Try to arrive 10 minutes early, you’ll have to check in, get your hair net and then they have a dragon show!

You will most likely lose everyone in your group, the place is huge and there’s no real tour guide so ask some folks that work there about the place when you see them.

The numbers on production at this facility are astounding. Every year they produce 20 million bottles!

In 2013 the city of Irwindale sued Huy Fongs Foods because it was a public nuisance. Apparently the company was creating harmful smelling air which effected citizens. When you’re there you be the judge.

St0p #3: post chilli grind



What to Know

The live races at this horse track commence at the end of September so make sure to reserve tickets for Huy Fongs after that date.

The races start around noon and run until about 5pm. You’ll get a good 3 hours of races, beers and soft pretzels if you reserve the 1pm slot at Stop #2.

Make sure you have cash on hand in order to place bets. ATMs fees can be a killer here.

After the last race try to find the trumpeter and ask him to play requests. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.