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Itineraries that aren’t lame, texted weekly.

Take the quiz to match your personality to your perfect date.


Itineraries that aren’t lame, texted weekly.

Take the quiz to match your personality to your perfect date.

How it Works

1. Take the Quiz

Tell us about yourself. With a little science and a lot of love, we’ll match you with your perfect date night based on your personality.


Experience your first 30 days on us – 4 customized date nights, texted to you weekly.

3. Date The City!

Become a member and never have the Sunday Scaries wishing you’d killed it over the weekend. Use our curated dates & micro-adventures to never have a lame night out again.

($9/month. Free cancellation anytime…among other things, see below)

BONUS FOR MEMBERS: Free dinners for two, batch giveaways, special events, and much more!

Why Join Date the City?

“One of our missions is to help keep local businesses alive in every city. I grew up the son of a local deli owner living, learning, and eventually working in the ‘American Dream’. I obsessed over local restaurants, bars, and interesting places to create adventures for my friends and relationships for years. This led us to meet incredible owners and creatives who, like my dad, are the beating heart of every city.


By becoming a DTC Society member you’re helping keep the ‘American Dream’ alive by supporting and enjoying local businesses. Cool thing is you’ll have an unforgettable time while you’re at it! I know I have, and I know you will too.” – Neal Hruby, Founder & CEO

Find Your Date Night

Who’s Dating the City

“We owe it all to DTC!! Thanks for taking dates beyond just dinner and a movie! Me and my now fiancé’s first date was so spectacular and we saw parts of the city we never knew existed. I recommend this to anyone who wants to bring a little spice to their dating life :)”


“Before Date the City I stayed within a mile of where I lived. Now I’ve explored neighborhoods I never knew about. From playing pool in a motorcycle garage to eating a cheese board at polo fields my weekends are [email protected]#ing sick.”


“I’ve used DTC for friend trips, date nights, and general fun ideas of places to see, things to do, and food to eat! It’s a no-brainer, takes away all the stresses of planning and replaces it with easy to follow outings and ideas!”